Awards Plaques and Custom Framing


We offer a diverse selection of eye-catching traditional and contemporary style plaque designs featuring wood, glass, marble, metal, and plaques that combine several materials.  

Perpetual plaques feature multiple personalized recognition plates (12, 24, 44, or 200 plates) on the same plaque for monthly, quarterly, and yearly programs or for donor recognition. The plaque is displayed in a prominent location, such as the lobby, for all to see. Examples include: • Employee of the Month • Employee of the Quarter • Sales Person of the Year • Scholarship Recipients • Donor Recognition

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As the largest wholesale award framing facility in Wisconsin, Global Recognition Inc. frames photos, artwork, medals, jerseys, as well as shadow box framing of three-dimensional objects. A variety of framed awards are shown on our website, yet custom framed awards are even more popular.

What makes us different from the others?

Custom cut mattes - we offer a variety of unique eagle and flag shaped mats to choose from, plus we can create custom mat designs with custom-shaped elements such as your logo, product or other design.
Custom cutout acrylic embellishments - custom cutout acrylic embellishments are often imprinted in full color and add a three-dimensional look that makes the award come to life.

Full Color imprinting - photo quality imprinting can be added to any hard, smooth surface such as glass, metal and acrylic to create unique designs.

Multiple imprint methods are combined for a truly unique look that leaves our customers and competition wondering "How did they do that?"

Expert quality mounting -- our framing specialist is creative and has custom framed just about anything imaginable during her 18 years of experience. She will work with you one-on-one to make sure the process is easy and that you are happy with the results.

Free virtual artwork is available to help you visualize your custom framed design.

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Display Your Cherished Memories and Keepsakes

Remember favorite memories by framing photos, tickets, programs, jerseys, memorabilia and awards to proudly display on your wall.

• Framed jerseys

• Individual and team photos from sports, music and special events

• Photos with names, dates, phrase or quote imprinted on the mat or glass

• Collage of photos, tickets, invitation, and programs from a special event
(sporting event, wedding, vacation, theatrical or music performance, graduation, excursions, family reunion, special events, military service and medals, tribute to a family member, etc.)

• Hole-In-One plaques

• Magazine article or program

• Collection of items such as baseball trading cards, football trading cars, model cars and stamp collections

• Historical or sports memorabilia 

• Medals and certificates of achievement

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