in-house full color imprinting
This state-of-the-art process allows full color, photographic quality images to be digitally imprinted on a variety of surfaces including metal, acrylic, glass and crystal items such as awards, name badges, plates for framed awards, coins, coasters, and many other options. Contact us for more information.

Full Color Imprint -- Maximum flexibility with low cost set ups

Full color photographic quality designs can be created with digital imprinting which uses UV light to cure the ink.

In addition to beautiful and unique full color designs, digital imprinting offers the flexibility to add unique and personal elements that would have had cost prohibitive set up costs in the past.

For example, you can add affordable full color imprinted custom coins to a plaque or coaster order for a small charge without die charges or minimum order quantities.


Full color designs can also be created using sublimation which is a transfer process that uses heat.


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wine stopper with your custom design  ornament with your full color photo  glass cutting board with full color