Nonprofit organizations make our community a better place to live by providing valuable services without expecting to make a profit. They depend upon fundraising and the generosity of people who believe in their cause and are willing to donate time and money to support it. Donors want to know it's making a positive difference.

Americans donated over $400 billion to nonprofit organizations in 2017, according to Giving USA 2018, the Annual Report on Philanthropy. Fundraising has multiple goals including creating awareness and build support for their cause as well as raising the finances to operate in the short-term and future.

Common types of fundraising include:

• Direct mail and email solicitations
• Online giving
• Special events & programs
• Planned giving

Direct Mail, Email Solicitations & Online Giving

Many individuals make a donation that fits within their current budget in response to a direct mail or email solicitation. Online giving tends to peak when a natural disaster or tragedy is in the news and the nonprofit organization can deliver relief and assistance.

Special Events & Programs

Back The Blue apparel fundraiser

Special fundraising events are an opportunity to increase awareness and raise thousands of dollars on a single day for the cause. Events include a fundraising run/walk and fundraising dinners with a silent auction. Special event t-shirts are very popular since they create a sense of unity at the event and create awareness of the cause afterward. Back The Blue apparel is a great example of offering the community a way to show their support while raising funds for local law enforcement.  

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Another successful way to raise significant revenue is with an engraved brick fundraising program. People are familiar with this concept and like that it's a permanent way to be remembered and visible for generations. Engraved bricks are very popular with schools, churches, nature centers and many other nonprofit organizations.
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Planned Giving

Planned giving represents significant donations of cash, equity or property that are given over a period of time. There are a limited number of donors who are in a financial position to make major gifts, so it does not seem proper to recognize a $250,000 gift in the same way as a $25 gift with a simple thank you letter.

It's appropriate to present major donors with unique and high quality donor gifts to recognize their dedication to your cause. This gift will be proudly displayed as a visible and ongoing reminder of the difference they are making in the lives of others. Remember to choose a unique custom donor gift item that cannot be purchased anywhere else and reflects well on your organization.
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